Find your ideal bra

We all know how hard finding a good fitting bra can be. There is nothing worse than stumbling across a pretty bra just to try it on and find it doesn’t fit the way it should.

To combat this dilemma, Wedding Lingerie has provided individualised size guides for each brand to give you comprehensive assistance on your bra finding journey.

Are you looking for a sexy bra for your wedding night, a seamless bra for support during your wedding day, or just a comfortable bra for everyday use? We stock many designs from well known designers such as Roza and Gracya each with their own unique style.

Bra types and when to wear them

Don’t forget! Different bra styles have different specialities. You wouldn’t wear a t-shirt bra with a plunge dress (or maybe you would, I’m here to advise not command).

Balcony bras provide lift by distributing breast tissue evenly throughout the bra. The best part about the balconette bra is that it can be worn with many necklines; square or scoop, high neck or V-neck. Choose a delicate lace balconette bra from the many in our range.

A push-up bra can give the illusion of a fuller breast. You’ll be happy to know push-up bras come both with and without straps. In fact, you’ll find many bra styles now come with detachable straps for more flexibility. Try some of our cleavage boosting bras.

Maybe your wedding dress has a plunging neckline and you’re struggling to find a bra to suit. With everything from strapless plunge bras with full underwire support to a delicate, wireless halter neck style bra, you’re sure to find your perfect plunge bra on our website.

Non wired bras are comfortable and stylish. They make a great alternative to standard wired bras. The perfect bridal bra, with demure design and soft material!

How to measure for your bra

Very few women actually know how to correctly measure for a bra. Getting the correct measurements is key to achieving a comfy and attractive look.

To measure your back size:

  • Use a flexible tape measure
  • Stand up straight
  • Wrap the tape around your chest, under your bust
  • Make sure the tape is straight and not twisted behind your back
  • Hold the tape firmly against your chest
  • Take your measurement in inches (round up to the next even number)
To measure your cup size:
  • Don’t wear a bra
  • Wrap the flexible measuring tape around your chest at the fullest part of your breast
  • Take the measurement in inches
  • Subtract your band size from the new measurement
  • The difference is your cup size (1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, etc)

Add your band size and cup letter together and you have your bra size, eg. 36D.

Remember, sizes may differ slightly from style to style so always check size guides and you should take your measurements every 6 months to make sure your new bras are a good fit.